Bragging on Brad!

Brad - The Springmans

Have you met Brad, our guitar player?  If not, you should just take my word for it and get yourself to one of our summer gigs (movie in the park perhaps?) and check out his awesome riffs!

For those of you who have kids, you are probably like us and and have “before kids memories” and “after kids memories”  We feel like that with Brad.  There are some fuzzy memories of life with our kids’ band Pre-Brad, but everything became so much better after Brad arrived!

Brad has a great full time job working in IT at Trinity Western University, but still makes time to rehearse with us regularly and perform steadily.  He seems to have the uncanny ability to never need sleep, which explains how he also has time for his awesome wife and adorable new baby!  Speaking of baby Rosie, you know how everyone says about EVERY baby “Oh, he/she’s so cute!”?  Of course all babies are precious, but let’s be honest, not ALL of them are so cute, right?  Rosie, on the other hand, takes the cake in cuteness, no holds barred, and our whole family was overjoyed when she arrived! I’m sure soon enough she’ll be toddling up on stage too, she just needs to learn to toddle first!

Does anyone remember MacGyver?  Awesome show about that guy who could fix absolutely anything, usually with some spare wire and bubble gum.  That’s Brad.  He usually doesn’t have bad guys chasing him, and I don’t think he’s ever had to diffuse a bomb, but Brad really can fix anything!  And that is a handy trait when we are on the road as there is bound to be something to fix!  Now back away, he’s OUR MacGyver, and you can’t steal him!

If Brad ever wanted to open a guitar museum, he could, right in his own home (for which he apologizes to his wife)  He’s got over 10 different guitars and a large collection of amps too.  He could play a different guitar with each finger!

Brad’s been playing guitar for over 20 years, and brings fun and creativity to the stage!  Our kids took to him right away (they have instincts like a good dog) and giggle at all his bad jokes (Corn on Ja-cob) and love when he lets them hang off his arms.  The kids are getting bigger now, so I guess his muscles are too.  Hmm, maybe we should charge him a personal trainer fee?

We’ve had some funny times together, like hanging out with Burns the Dragon in Robson Valley, and trying to talk ourselves into riding the big coaster in West Edmonton Mall (maybe next time!) and always look forward to the next gig.

But, you know, not everyone is perfect.  Brad doesn’t like coconut.  Weird right?

Brad - The Springmans