New Name! New Website!

The Springmans Happy Beach at


Welcome to our brand new, totally awesome website!  We were so excited to meet Leah of LJC Creative and have her come on board to completely re-vamp uh…….. pretty much everything!  She is fantastic, and we are thrilled with the new look!

Take some time to browse around, and come back often for more posts, an updated touring schedule, photos, contests and more! Also, check out our Facebook page and Instagram @thespringmans which will soon be loaded with lots of stories. It’s going to be a busy summer and we’ll have lots more fun information coming soon, so stay tuned!

Oh, and did I mention our new band name yet?  Here it is: (drum-roll please, Ryan):

So Why “The Springmans”?

True, most of us in the band have had that name since birth, but we like the way it sounds! I’ve always been particularly proud of my dad, Sam Springman. He loved music and encouraged me in my ‘unorthodox’ career choice. So we’re carrying his name on.  I think he’s pretty stoked up in heaven seeing a bunch of his grandkids playing together as a family!

Aside from it being our family name, we’re also kinda bouncy and springy. Seriously, check out our “Bouncy Bouncy” music video if you don’t believe us! Plus, we like everything about spring! Ryan’s favorite color is green, so Julia (a.k.a. Mrs. Springman and Mommy) makes awesome spinach smoothies often- especially in the springtime. Ask her for the recipe, you’ll love it! All in all – the name “The Springmans” just seemed meant-to-be.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new website and be our friend on Facebook! We’d love your help spreading the word, too! There’s ALWAYS more room on Happy Beach, so bring your friends!

Hope to see you this summer at one of our performances.


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