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“Half Way Around” CD by Perry and the Poorboys


A throwback to the era of Perry and the Poorboys, “Half Way Around” hosts some of the best Perry Springman songs before The Springmans’ family band was formed.

Before The Springmans' family band was officially formed, there was Perry and the Poorboys, an indie band led by our very own Perry Springman.

Produced in 2008 with fellow musician, Ryan McAllister, "Half Way Around" is an album full of life reflection and praise to God. It even features the original version of "Happy Beach"! Check it out!

Song list:

  1. Lost and Found
  2. Happy Beach
  3. I Can't Say No To You
  4. All In Your Name
  5. That's How I Knew You
  6. Maybe You Should Know
  7. All I Am
  8. Life Is Beautiful
  9. Where Will You Sleep Tonight
  10. Lord of Me



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