The Springmans Lead Music Camp!

Hi! Emma here. I’m going to tell you a highlight from our exciting, busy summer!

We led our first-ever music camp! It was organized by Church in the Valley (Langley, BC) and they did an amazing job! They handled the activities (which were super fun!) and we did the music.

Each day of the week we taught the kids multiple instruments including different percussion instruments, hand drums plus drum kit, acoustic and electric guitar and ukulele. We also showed the group many of our songs so they could learn the actions and dancing that go along with them. They loved “Chimi Changa” and “Unh-Uh No Way!”

One day we wrote a song with the kids called “Chomp the Chicken.” It was about a chicken who likes to wrestle butterflies (but he is very gentle)… you can picture the rest!

Emma Springman Music Camp Church in the Valley

The church had a super high rock climbing wall and I did lots of climbing, but not with my ukulele! Oh and that reminds me, I taught my first-ever ukulele class! My class varied each day but I usually had five or six kids. They were determined, enthusiastic and learned lots of chords! We played lots of games that helped with beat and rhythm too.  One of their favorite games was a version of “Go Go Stop” where the leader plays the ukulele.

On the last day, all the parents came early and everybody put on a show! They performed all the songs they had learned along with the actions. The musical Bible verses and “Chomp the Chicken” with hilarious choreography were hits!

I hope the kids had as much fun as I did since I thought it was awesome!


See you all later,

– Emma

Emma Springman leads The Springmans music camp
Emma Springman leads The Springmans music camp

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